2011-03-10 21:51:50 (UTC)

For Sure

Maybe it's me but I haven't made an entry in a long while. Hmm. Well, to start off, I finally met Edgar. He's fucking hilarious. And hot. But fucking hilarious. I like him a lot. Who wouldn't? But something about him...I dunno. Just makes me want to love him for some reason, but also pushes me back...

...Oscar's getting fat. Stress problems. Definitely.

Louis infused today. I'm guessing he just felt cool for the moment with the clothes he wore. I hate when he does that!!

Juan Q. and I. :]

Emilio Avelar...what the fuck man. Nevr think twice. He's my best friend, but he makes empty promises. He tears me up. Him, Jonathon C. and Edwin...>.< What the hell do I do? I can't leave him...he's the actual challenge...fuck, man. emilio...I love you. just hear me out!

Fuck you, J.C. No words for Edwin.

Cheeks. ^^

Arturo...I love you too bro, I live with your hugs. Louis too. Louis is a shy bastard though. I need your shoulder,

I need my tears, I fucking love you bro. 11/21.