My Story
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2011-03-10 14:09:08 (UTC)

I dont know

i love him so much. but never knew bout it.
i miss him every night
but he never know about it. why this must be happen to us
why dont you try to love me again?
why must be your friend love me?

why i have to choose? you or your friend?
thats hard for me
i want you. your love and your heart
not your bestfriend.
your bestfriend just tryinng to taste me
not for love me....

why this must be happen?
your bestfriend want me, i want you
you want my friend
and my friend want my ex...
how we can we walk on through all of this???
how come?

i try to forget you, but everything around me always make me remember of you all the time.
its hard to believe, but that is the fact
everybody said that love dont have to have, but my love for you is so big and i cant let you go.

you"re so happy with your love
and how about me? the one who always cry cause i cant have you, hug you, even touch you with my own hand..
I cant do it
this isnt fair at all
you smile with all of this, and unknowingly i have to accept everytears that goes to you
this isnt fair..
but i still pray to God.
i know He's here and he will always help me to solve every problem

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