2011-03-10 02:45:37 (UTC)

Work is mostly one big yawn at the moment

It is only just after 3pm and I am yawning as if I haven't slept for days. My guess is that it is boredom.

I spend most of my working days doing things other than work. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything and even though I have some work to do it is tedious and unrewarding. There seems little point in updating a Health & Safety Manual when no-one has any interest in it, including management. I doubt they would change their tune even if we had a serious accident, which I sincerely hope we do not. If we did I expect I would be partially to blame. I do 'nag' about incidents and safety from time to time but it is like 'water off a duck's back' to most. Directors only want a quiet life, they are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Why am I likening everyone to birds.

I had my 'nine day fortnight' day off yesterday. Although I woke up at the crack of day when my husband went off to work, I managed to fall asleep again quite easily and did not awake until 9.30am. I fiddled around on the computer for a while before realising that I did not know the location of the place where I was booked in for a massage so I dashed out of the house in a fluster. Luckily enough the address was easy to find. This was my first Thai massage and I thought I was managing the pain threshold very well until the end when they told me I probably needed another massage next week as they were not able to work on me properly as I was experiencing too much pain. I must say, I did feel better after a hour of being pummled, if a little wobbly. I went home and drank lots of water but had to have a lay down before my next appointment.

We went to see the lawyer in the afternoon with the intention of setting up a Trust account to safeguard our house in case of problems with Brent's business. We are thinking of buying a second property and renting out our current house. Its all a bit scary and I have a tendency to glaze over when hearing about the 'small print'. I just want us all to be safe and sound.

The email came through today confirming that the bank will lend us the money so we can officially go out and look for houses. This is even more daunting that setting up a Trust. We have no idea what we are looking for and I get the feeling that Brent is not over-excited about going around looking at houses. I have to agree that the thought of dealing with real estate agents and their greedy ways does not excite me. They remind me of vulture sitting there waiting to pounce. Moving as little as possible unless they are going to benefit.

The guy who appraised our house has already been on the phone trying reiterating the fact that he can work for us on any property we see that we like. He wants to show us around but we would far prefer to look by ourselves as he is creepy too, as is the mortgage broker. They are both from the same country and we feel they are in cahoots, and not for our benfit. Still, we will see what happens.

Tonight we are going to the theatre - to the Spiegel Tent in Aotea Square, as part of the Auckland Festival. I wish I could remember what we are going to see, hopefully it will be good. This is probably the last theatre event we will go to for a while as I need to sort out a budget for us from now on.

A budget - that sounds very hard. We have been too used to just spending whenever we want on whatever we want. I must sit down and properly sort everything out. I know Brent will not do this as he has no interest. I will have to tread carefully as this could lead to an argument, but it has to be done.