Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2011-03-10 03:36:23 (UTC)

Vacation Time Soon

I have 3 more days till vacation. Not really going anywhere except maybe to Wichita to see my friend Morgan. She plans on dragging me to the gym with her (which is good) and then we are going to have a night out and then just hang, since I havent seen her in forever. I really hope I get to meet her "friend" Matt tho lol. The boys are suppose to go to dads for 1/2 of spring break so I can have some time to myself. Little nervous about leaving work tho. Im such a control freak and Im the only one that does my new car stuff so its nerve wracking to think it will either not get done, or get done wrong. One manager will be gone part of the week and the other well, he seems to forget lol. So I will contrary to what I should do, I will be logging in and atleast doing the pricing and I know my co-workers will follow up with the phonecalls and such that Im not concerned about.
My date with Kelly is Friday. I really hope John doesnt screw up my by not picking up boys because I would hate to cancel on him and I really dont have any teenagers or anything to watch them for me :( Story of my pathetic dating life attempts lol.
I have lost 15 lbs since December according to the Dr. office. I was in Monday and he set a new goal for me to lose 10 lbs before my next visit which is 8 weeks out. I really want to surpass that tho. He did tell me some enlightening information tho because I was worried about how much I dont get the free time to exercise and he said weightloss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise and some ppl need to be careful about exercising to much and gaining muscle tone and not losing weight. So that made me feel better.
Ok, well Im outta here! Wish me luck with the 10 lbs!!

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