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2011-03-09 09:55:26 (UTC)


I feel so weak today. I feel devastated and just want to stay in bed. My stomach turns and I feel like vomiting. I am in need of love….I need nurturing. My self confidence is so low…I feel inadequate. I need reassurance. I wish my wife could love me, nurture me, reassure me with kind words, touches and affection….I am desperate for that. I don’t need sex or attention from anybody else…I just want my wife…..I need her to tell me how wonderful I am, how happy she is…I feel so weak today….
My foundation is based on my wife and kids. Everything else is insignificant. This illusion has been taken away from me. I can now see that life sometimes doesn’t work like that. I wish she could just call me to say hello, mail me to say hi, meet me up after work and we go home together….I am not worth anything….