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2011-03-09 09:55:05 (UTC)


I’m not sure I truly know my wife. So confusing, what do I do. Do I show off in ways to make her jealous without actually doing anything? DO I go on a fiend? DO I find love somewhere else? Do I try and get closer to her? My choice is the latter but I am not sure about her. I will now concentrate on moi for a while. Dedicate myself to my work and see what happens. Yesterday was good. She didn’t wear trousers to bed. She was more active and responded quite well…initially I did not get this. Absolutely nothing…no contact. I had to go downstairs to watch tv. The honest truth is that I can get away with murder if I do choose but life is not about that. You are a better man if in adversity you stick to your principles even though very tough and difficult. So my choice is to seek the love of my wife (even after all that) as I want to share so much with her.

On the issue, I really cannot tell what happened, but I will not rule anything out. It is shattering and mind wrenching but I have to move on. My life literally collapsed in front of me when I found out. I am deeply disappointed in her and will struggle to ever trust her again.