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2011-03-09 04:23:42 (UTC)


friends - theres one paticular girl who ive had so much trouble trusting with.
first where happy next she decides , oh bye.. like im some kind of rebound everything
she says and does iratates me shes a liar a back stabber, a person u just never
wana trust in. She never tells the truth when u bring sumthing up shes just always
lieing. She judges every guy i get with, she never has anything nice to
say to me, its always negative bitch FUCKYOU!

Boyfriend, - hes dosent understand me all he does is bitches at me
like ive made many mistakes but he always has something negative
to say, i love him so much i dont wana let him go but at the same
time theirs like no point in being with him ,

fuckbuddy- hes the most awesome guy he makes my heart skip
too beats, he makes me laugh , smile , etc . when he looks at me
all i wana do is kiss him im gaining way more, feelings for him
more then my boyfriend. its sad to say but yes.

my gay life.

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