I write therefore I am
2011-03-08 17:11:02 (UTC)


There are moments in life when you feel like Everything jut come crashing down It feels though there's no one to turn to & no one you can changes before your eyes & you feel incompetent to the situation all you can do is wait Because this shall pass. One of the hardest thing in life is learning to look at the bright side of things Learning to take good with the bad Thoughts cross your mind that you never imagined & you feel that you don't have the strength to go on. But one day you'll wake up & find yourself okay. The storm passes when the clouds are gone. You can see things with clear Perspective & while the pain may come & go it's going to be okay , Life is so ironic but it has it's own ways of working itself out. Karma takes care of everybody & what goes around always comes back around so life is Strange nothing is Forever what it seems & there are always two side to a story trust God & be patient & make the best of it Because life it's too short for regrets . A Lesson lived is a Lesson Learned.

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