Lady Glamour

Real Life as Lady Glamour
2011-03-08 00:16:59 (UTC)

Crazy feelings

Alot of days I feel like its the end of the world.
Alot of days I feel like my day or should I say Life is not gonna get any better.
Alot of days I feel like it just couldnt get any worse.
Alot of days I ask God why me, what could I do to change things around. why is my life so horrible n how could it get better. My mind is overloaded but believe im not crazy, cause I refuse to do anything crazy to myself, other ppl, or the world unlike some ppl,S/n:I dont believe in those kind of things. Maybe I just need a vacation from my life. I wish I had a lot of money to go to paris, the islands, Cali, New yourk or some where that I could just relax, shop n take my mind off of my life. I wish that I could get discoverd as a rapper or dancer n dont have to worry about anything in life anymore, I wish that I was the next tyra banks, Naomi campbell, kamors simmons,Iman, and model my way through life. I wish I had my own fashion business with derek J or alexandr J. Things like that dont happen for ppl like me n wont never happen for ppl like me. so I go on in life hopeing n praying that before God takes out of this world I can actually say that I did something worth my wild in my lifetime. until then I guess Ill just have to go on n keep wondering, keep being depress n keep trying, and keep hoping n praying.

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