Letters to Nancy
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2011-03-06 03:58:20 (UTC)

This Moment 4 life

Alexas has been at school for two weeks....NOT WORKING..drama drama drama...shes already had sex with two guys, and is willing telling ppl...also she had the cops called on her monday night.. Gosh... and i thought the one time i did it with Jon was bad....and to make it worse, she thinks shes pregent! Severs her right...

Back to reality... we just got home from Lincon state basetball with band...Holdrege girls got 3rd. it was preaty fun.

Soccer is going great..Im down to lifting every morning and running my but off after school everyday... Im really thinking about joining the National Gaurds. I guess Randy is too....

Aww randy....I dont know what to do. hes text me now, upseting about being alone... Part of me whats to say, HELLO, u brooke up with me! And im here now! Right in front of you all you gotta do is ask! ....but at the same time, i cant tell him to give me ANOTHER chance...I fucked up, and its well time to move on. I cant even tell if hes into me anyway...and im not for if i want to date right now..I got to get myself in line before i can get a realinship in line...Me and RAndy could work out. we'd be perfect together...BUT we gotta fix what we broke...What i broke. and that takes work and time...work and time and just dont have anymore...Maybe a while down the road when everything settles and i figger some stuff out...but my then, he will find someone better. And thats good, he deserves it. Maybe, just maybe by then i will too....I love him. I will always love him. Nothing will change that...Nothing.

Mitch is in town!!!! Since i was gone half the weekend, i didnt get to hang with him yet, but ill see him at church and it sounds like we might hit the derby car again after. Cant wait!!! I missed my bro...Him and Nate still hate eachother so we'll pry be at the linders. Me and tiny chilled at Subway after soccer wed. it was fun.

Still miss mom..guess i always will.