Book of secrets
2011-03-05 00:08:51 (UTC)

Me and my silly dreams

Since i can remember i always wanted to become singer or actress...
i wrote it in every friendship book
i'm able to i'm a very good singer ( sorry not gonna lie)
and i can act too ...
and now i'm googling all time after casting
because i can't find over information ...
my parents don't want me making my dream come true
"They got no privacy .... only one girl of a thousnad do it"
and here in Germany it's defenly harder than in usa or UK
and it just sucks sitting in front of my laptop looking for an audience ... and almost starding crying because you'll probably never reach your dream ... IT SUCK ....
so i'm just going on by learn texts from my fave series and films and act them for myself in my room ...
i wanna show it but how can i ...
my dream is unreal but i just can't stop it !!
no one of my freinds can help me cause they all do not know how
if anybody could i would me sooo ... omg no words for it