The Real Me
2011-03-04 20:59:55 (UTC)

Im okay =) Despite so much work!

Practically spent the last few days hibernating in the library and to say the least it has been rather tiring. Infact thats an understatement. I havnt managed to achieve much regardless. Well apart from that things have actually been okay. No panick attacks, no depressive thoughts, I mean maybe one or two...the usual...what if I kill myself ones LOL. And then the whole errr alow that Ive spent practically 21 years trying to fix this and to what give up? Not that I can anyway it takes guts. Turns out ive spent all my overdrafe money and have no money left for rent. I dont even want to think about that. Despite that Ive been trying to stay positive. Which hasnt been that hard. I mean right now Im feeling pretty content.