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2011-03-01 09:02:48 (UTC)

It's Ok

So I have like 7 minutes till it's time to go home so figured I would update this real fast. I was sitting at my desk today and I have no idea where it came from or what made me think of this but as far as my personal life right now Im ok with where things are. I was sick all weekend but left the house 1x and it was for literally 1.5 hours max. I went to the library and then met up with someone I had been talking to for a quick lunch. Lunch went good, we are still chatting thru text and IM during the day so thats getting better then the past few dates. I also have been texting and some phone calls to another guy I met and he finally today asked me about doing something when I/we have time. We set up a date for next Friday night when his boys are with thier mom. Saturday night we talked on the phone (ok he talked alot I did a little) for like 3 hours and last night for 2 hours so making progress.
Finally, my penpal Cory is being sent home early from Iraq early to get his should looked at by a specialist in Germany (when your deployed you have to stop in Germany for a medical clearence before your allowed back in the states. If he indeed needs surgery it will be up to the Army on wether or not he will just have it there or if they will send him to a hospital stateside closer to home. Either way he's coming home early and I cant wait!! Ok for the one person that I know reads this, below os for your index cards lol.

Matt, Web Designer, 1 son, had lunch with Saturday

Kelly, Works for Harley, 2 boys, date next Friday night

Cory, Army, deployed, 2 kids coming home soon!!

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