trading bad dreams for great nightmares
2011-02-28 08:30:44 (UTC)

feeling upbeat

well its been a while since i have been on here. whats new? lets see. well so far school is the shit. i enjoy my classes and professors. been learning a lot. feels good to be doing something on a regular basis besides working. sucks i dont get to see my girl like i use to befor school. but its good shes a good girl, so i hope she continues to understand. finally got the oj taken care of. i am gonna miss the shit outta that car. but it needed tons of work that i could not afford. ill miss it but i feel relieved that its taken care of. im glad i got my beat out of it tho before it was gone. that shit finna have the maggy knocking way to hard when i get it installed. got a few more items to take care of and my life will be gravy. my chick car caught a flat today at the mall and i went and saved her.changed that shit for her eventhough i had to work tonight. no worries tho. felt good to help her out. granted shes not getting anymore favors outta me til christmas, lol. i know next time i see her shes gonna feel like she owes me, so i know shes gonna be even more eager to please me. w for me. dam the sex this weekend with her was awesome. it always is but it was just extra wet and extra juicy more this weekend for some reason. shit had my dick way to hard. and the kissing while stroking her deep was the shit...imma def have to go get some more of that in a day or two. cant be having withdreawls. felt good getting my hands dirty today changing that tire. made me feel like a real man of sorts ya know? saving the damsel in distress. im sure she woulda did the same for me to tho, well i hope. at work now, and the ac is blowing like its the hottest day of summer in here. and its gotta be like 35 outside right now. well thats bout all i got to say about that right now...

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