Mind over me
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2011-02-28 05:15:17 (UTC)


dear minds,

remember...remember when we for some reason we decided to pretend to be dumb and we found out that is not fun to feel inferior to others and every time i talk some one treats me like a dumb blonde like I'm a child it makes me more mad when they say i look 12 (like how my boobs out weighs me there D's i don't think a 12 year old have those) my stress is so high when i try to smoke some one takes it breaks it and say I'm to young and when i show them my id they say sorry i say its ok but I'm mad and more stressed i quit any ways so i don't care any ways minds is it bad that i think sex is nasty well i like it kinda maybe I'm not doing it right well isn't it supposed to be magic i don't know but i think i have been lie to, because all i feel is pain and I'm not liking it at all. Is there some thing wrong with me? all i think is maybe i think sex is a game just to please your mad by maybe faking and seeing how fast he can go boom, maybe i think it mainly for having babies, or both while i need help i don't know how this works but please give me feed back i hope you can help me


PS. i well post some of my poem if you would like to hear them

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