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2011-02-26 20:43:40 (UTC)

k and people

I'm going to ace my interview at thepb on tuesday, and i'll be amazing, i'll get the role, i'll meet great people and it'll be the start of the rest of my life.

I don't get it with k man. i wonder sometimes if she's not trying to keep 'her mates' and me separate. like for e.g. i'll say shall we do something tonight, and she'll say me so and so are doing this, so 'you can join us'. as if i'm the guest. rather than saying 'are you coming?' I feel like she wants to choose when she wants me there or not, or constantly wants to let me know that i'm there due to her kindness. as if she wants me to feel like she's doing me a favour. Dunno, i just feel not a part of them so much even tho i've known k and k the longest out of sh and abs. dunno. like today she should have asked me along for the rugby, but didn't until i brought it up. then when they were in the pub i gave her a call as i hadn't heard back from her even tho i texted to say 'which pub to come to?' so i called and no answer. she never called me back either. then i called kitz to ask, and half way through our convo it cut off. she didn't call back or k didn't call either. they're all the same.