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2011-02-26 01:38:08 (UTC)

Slightly Annoying

I am really getting tired of people saying "maybe your too picky" when it comes to dating. 1st off, I hate the "why are you single" question. I'm going to start asking random uncalled for questions after they ask that like "why are you fat" or "why are your ears big". It's annoying. Why is it when a girl knows what she wants she's being "too picky" same as if she's outspoken she's automatically assumed to be a bitch? Im not anymore picky than any other person that knows what they want and dont want and Im not going to waste my time on someone who isnt at the same place I am in life. Im ready to settle down with someone and start a life. I dont want to casual date, I dont want to "start off as friends and see what happens" I dont want a "fling" or a "friend with benefits" So it would be greatly appreciated if everyone would stop with the your too picky bullshit. Please and thank you