Reality Vs Dreams
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2011-02-25 07:27:00 (UTC)


Mood: crushed down

It has been five years ago that I met my fiance, the first two years it was a struggle with him, I would break up with him and then get back with him...

He was the kind of guy that had no respect for me. In the years we were dating he had eyes for other woman, and would never pay close attention to what I was saying. I met him which was in the summer of july 2006 I was going through so much my mom was going the chemotheraphy due to breast cancer, and I was also depressed in that moment.

I just needed someone to confort me, and for some reason and found that confurt in him even though he was mean at times, but he would support me.. And in times were I felt my world was turning down on me he was always there. But always had a mean disrespectful side, that my mom once noticed aswell. Omg I have got to go Ill write to you later bye

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