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2011-02-24 03:28:06 (UTC)

wedding dress

Just the other day I saw the perfect dress at a bridal store, but I
am sad because i dont have much money to be able to afford that
dress. And my fiance is already paying for the whole wedding.

I would hate to ask him, pay for my dress, and of course the right
person to ask is my dad and family, which are my two older sisters
and one brother, which owes me money, about $875.00 and he dosent
want to pay he says he has no money when he really does. He just got
back 5,000 From filing his tax returns and has nothing to spend it
on he's single with not enough responsibilities.

And has a full time truck driving job which pays him good! And he
tells me if he does pay me he will give me montly payments which is
totally stupid!! If he were to give that money cash on hand it
would help me alot to be able to afford my dress since I am a part
time worker and planing full time college.

I dont have the sufficient amount to buy my dress and my dad dosent
have the money either. He has another child to support which is my
half sister 2 years old and she takes up alot of money.

MY GOODNESS!! IM dissapointed how could my brother be this way>