Reality Vs Dreams
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2011-02-23 03:40:34 (UTC)

Childhood Memories are a Nightmare

Up until this day I remember all the torture, and pain I would go
through when my dad would beat me and my mom along with my two older
sister's and one yougest brother, now were all grown up ages 26, 28,
30, and 22, but I can never forget what we all went through growing

My dad was an alcoholic and was abusive physically numerous times, I
remember when he once beat up my mom when she was 8 month's pregnant
and would hit her head on the wall. I was only 8 years old at that
time and witnessed it all. I can never forget that day up until
today... It just haunts me. Not only that, but just the fact that I
tried to help my mom and I would end up getting beat, until my mouth
would bleed. Aswell as my sisters...

Back in those years there wasent the kind of help there is now, for
domestic violence or abused woman and children, or I can say as
advanced as it is now, but what's sad is that my mom never would
reported the violence or call the police because she was afraid of
being left alone with no home to live or support along with 4 kids.

I also remember when my dad would really loose his mind and would
force my older sister to do sexual activity... And my mom never knew
about it cause he would tell my sister he would kill her and my mom
if she would say what was going on.

I also remember seeing a gun under his bed wrapped Up in a white
cloth. These memories have haunted me forever. One day while my
sisters and I were in bed asleep I woke up cause I heard the door
knob moving and saw my day standing by the door looking at us and he
had this scary look in his face I was so afraid to keep looking so I
hid my face under the covers and.... To Be continued...