Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-19 21:07:21 (UTC)

What the hell?!?

Last weekend was....interesting.
Friday i went to the bball game with Shai, and found Mitch, Tiny and
Nate there too. I tried not to ditch Shai, but at the same time, not
ditch Mitch and them. So for the most part i was with Shai all the
game and with Mitch, Nate and Tiny at the 5th quarter. Well, Mitch
was getting pissed with Teren and Spangler there so we desided to
leave and go drive around. I told shai i was leaveing and she ran in
a blabbed it to Ed. Ed called my dad and told him i left with two
older guys. ( That part is true, but what ed didnt tell him was that
the two older guys with Mitch and Nate. or that tiny was with us.
dad knew all them well enough to know i wouldnt be in trouble with
them) and dad called me pissed, and made me come home without even
lisening to my story. When i got home i got outta trouble because
Mitch went in with me and explained everything to him.

The next night Nate said somethings to Mitch about me and some other
stuff, (Neither, Mitch nor Nate will give me much detail.) and
Mitch kicked the shit out him. Mitch told me to stay the fuck away
from Nate and Nate tells me not to lisen to mitch. Whatever the deal
is im stay on Mitchs side. hes like my brother. And it wouldnt shock
me if Nate did say some crappy things.

Sunday was moms birthday and of course it was depressing. I spent
the afternoon over with the Linders. Ginger, Scott and Mitch helped
alot. Then of coursee the weekend had to end with saying goodbye to
Mitch.. it gets harder all the time because we get closer and
closer, but at the same time it gets closer and closer to the time
Mitch as to leave...

Also this weekend i found the perfect prom dress! Its a deep purple
with siver. It really preaty!!!

I gotta play at pep band tonight, Alexsis is comin.. she starts
school monday..hope thing work out....