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2011-02-19 04:39:53 (UTC)

Karma Confirmed.

Well well well...Looks like what I say about Karma aka:avenging angels
as I call them sometimes has come around to bite the ex. The ex
called. I guess there is nowhere that she can turn to so she called me
to talk about her issues. Imagine that?

I had the notion of just saying "tough shit!" but then I remember that
knowledge is power so I listened. You know, keep you friends close and
your enemies closer.

She first said that her 24 yr old son broke up with his girlfriend. He
was living with her renting out his girlfriend's older brother's
house. Well, I knew that wouldn't last. You see, he filed ch 7. Less
than 6 months later, he already had util companies and others already
trying to get in touch with him for non-payment of various bills. This
is the same son that ripped me off when he was living with me. 1500
bucks once and he was stupid enough to leave the envelope where my
cash was in the passenger seat of the car he was driving. Then another
time he took 1200 from my safe. Well, now I hear from my ex that he
has to move out of his gf's house and is very depressed and is
suicidal. Well, I say he got a dose of Karma. I told my avenging
angels to go kick their butts and I guess they did. He helped ransack
my home when the ex took off before so he more than earned all of this.

The Ex's Dad is sick too. His pace maker is acting up and he is very
ill. Now this I didn't ask for and didn't want to happen. I'm guessing
that they are all stressed out from what my ex is doing.

The ex now says that her bf is still fighting with her about me. He is
so paranoid that I'm still in the picture. She says he found a way to
monitor all her incoming/outgoing calls and complains when she comes
home late from work accusing her of being with me. Well, let him think
that if that makes him feel bad. She says that he gets so upsets
sometimes and yells at her in front of her face. She says it's like
what you see in the Army when the drill sargeant yells at his men. She
says it scares the kids. I take it it's not going well over there.

I told her that the kids can stay with me anytime if she chooses to.
She tells me that when she picks up the kids the few times she can on
a Friday, the kids are upset that it's not me picking them up from
school instead. They always want to stay with me.

I guess the grass wasn't greener on the other side. Well, sucks to be
her huh? I just told her that everything I told her previously is
playing out it's course. Everything that I predicted that was going to
happen is happening.

I told her that her 24 yr old son will start missing car payments for
the car she financed and that came out true. In fact, he doesn't make
a payment anymore.

Her 19 or 20 yr old daughter will get pregnant in a few months. That
is true too. I think she's about 5 months pregnant now. No education
and no financial plans to take this on. She has no clue on how her
life will now change drastically with a child. She can kiss the
parties goodbye. lol

I once told the ex that her bf is just pretending to like everything
that I didn't like. Everything I complained about, he would say how
could I think that? He would love to do this or that. I complained
about the 19 yr old daughter. Well, he would say how could I complain
about her? He (bf) thinks she is great and loves her and would love to
have her stay with them. haha....

Well, now that they are playing house, the tune has changed ever so
slightly. The ex told me that he is now complaining that he isn't
there to support other people. hahahaha!! I wonder what happened to "
I love those kids. How can he not love your kids?" I told her before
that he was just pretending to like them just to get to her. I told
her that this was going to happen and is happening right now.

Anyway, today I got a another call. This time is was cutie. She called
to see if I was interested in having dinner with her and her little
girl. Funny how now that I put her into my "friend circle", she now
calls me. So I met her at a nice restaurant and we had a nice dinner
and conversation. It was nice. So I had the wine and dine part taken
care of but not the 69. lol. I guess cutie is a pretty good friend but
then, I'm always good at making friends.

It was a good day. In fact, I only found that it's a holiday this
coming Monday just a day ago. God Bless America!!!!! Love my job. I
know there is still lots of drama in my life due to the ex so I have
to enjoy the good moments when they come. This weekend is off to a
pretty good start :)