Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2011-02-18 02:59:07 (UTC)

ousted eastbound

well, I'm here, back in the bosom of the east. I figured it out, I've
been here since 2004, well, except for a year and a half wherein I was
in vancouver and then winnipeg, I eventually came back here to ottawa.
I don't know what this place holds for me, I don't even think I care
anymore, west just isn't it. Thats a firm declaration if there was
one. So, here I am.

I got to see my grandpapa, after 3 1/2 years of having not seen him (I
saw him for a weekend in 2006, and then in the summer of 2007, before
that, might have been 2002 or 2003), it was nice, we had breakfast,
albiet short, we didn't have a real conversation, I tried, but, he
just wasn't into it. not sure why, but then again, he and I have never
been close, not since I was a kid anyways. I asked him when he met
grandmama, my real one, not my step-psycho-grandmother, 1942, they
were together for 39 years before she died. I could see him thinking
back to then too, but, he changed the subject. It was fine, I just,
wanted to know some things before he goes off gently into the sunset,
as it were. So, if anything, that was something I'd wanted to
accomplish more than anything else really.

I have some plans, two writing courses I want to take, the car is
alive, even though I ditched it in saskachewan (a hole if there ever
was one, seriously, the roads in regina were so awful I had to change
lanes to ensure my car didn't die from impacting a pot hole), being
snowed in at Wawa was interesting, nice little bed and breakfast spot,
lovely rooms really.

I just have to get over this freaking stomach flu I got the other day,
ugh, feel like death warmed over. sigh.

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