Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2011-02-18 00:52:27 (UTC)

I don't know why...

I don't know why I feel so hurt!

I don't think I'm happy in my current relationship, and it's hurting
me. My boyfriend is a great guy, but he's too difficult. He hardly
wants to come out with my friends, every time I tell him I miss him,
he usually says it back, but today he said 'it's over played, we're
over that'. Why is he with me then?

He's doesn't feel like he can trust me anymore because one evening I did
not tell him that I went out with my best guy friend to talk about our
relationship. And yes it was stupid of me not to tell him that I at
least went out to see my friend. And now he can't trust me! On top of
that, i changed my fb picture and then I tried sending him a photo of
my cat via phone, and he thought I was trying to send pics to guys on
my phone. WHAT THE FUCK! I only want to be with him.

I feel that if he continues to over-analyzing NOTHING he will push me
away. I do love him, I just wish he would stop acting like he does not

I think maybe I'm settling for something less, when I could be
settling for someone better. Someone who understands how to
communicate, how important is it to see their girlfriend more than
twice a week... Ugh... I'm scared it's not going to last.