the girl in the orange sweater

It's a tale to tell
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2011-02-17 05:46:36 (UTC)


I sat awhile with Gwen today. I held her stiff cold and crooked hands in my own. I sang
her a few verses of her favorite Frank Sinatra song and blinked back the unforgiving
tears that burned my eyes. I told her about my day and my life since she fell silent. I
talked to her about my upcoming birthday and spoke briefly of what my plans were for
the big day. 
She laid there unresponding, eyes closed, her breaths coming slow and shallow. 
I stayed with her there for a long while sitting in silence. I watched her rest peacefully.
This is when she wasn't in pain, while she rested. I didn't mind watching her, holding
her hand, humming quietly, offering her some comfort as her life slipped so effortlessly
away from her, from us all. 
"I will sit with you everyday until the very end." I whispered to her, squeezing her hand
ever so gently in my own. 

I could lay in this bed for hours staring at the popcorn ceilings listening to the tv play
on and on about nothing in particular as far as I could tell. I could lose myself in my
own thoughts drifting from this world and another never being completely conscious of
Sleep seems so far away. 

The weather has been amazing here. The sunset burned a brilliant orange that
seemingly caught the sky and clouds trees and fields on fire. It engulfed everything in
a beautiful red-gold that pulled the air from my lungs and left me utterly breathless. I
hope that everyone got to see something as gorgeous as that today. 

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