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2011-02-15 22:51:06 (UTC)

A Weekly Catch Up

Catching up:

The deposit refund from the house we rented in Australia turned and
I banked it last weekend. Got a call yesterday saying that the
words and figures do not match. Bugger. I can either come in and
intial the difference or else collect the cheque and send it back to
Australia. This is becomming quite annoying. I would really like
the money in our account asap. I must email Julie, the house owner,
tonight to explain.

India got back from the funeral weekend last night. It was lovely
to see her and she was full of stories and wonderfully enthusiastic
about possum hunting and fishing and, at the same time, very sad
about the funeral. Her stories of family not having any shoes or
weird colour belts etc is somthing worth remembering and I will try
to write down somewhere her recollection of the possum hunt too, but
not today.

I was tired from the pain in my arm and had not made dinner so we
all went to the quiz night and ordered food. India and Mack paid for dinner as we had done the cleaning of my offices for them over the weekend while they were at the funeral. We have never done so badly at a quiz night. We came 12th which was quite shameful really. Come back Kevin, Hal and Micky, all is forgiven.

I am sure far more has happened but I can't think at the moment.