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2011-02-15 22:39:25 (UTC)

Aches and Pains and a Possible Remedy

Oh the trials and tribulations of growing older. Parts of the body
do not work as well as they used to, and although nothing
is 'dropping off' quite yet, there are definitely more creaks and
groans in the old bones and muscles as the years pass.

Sunday was fantastically hot. I did some (only a little) housework
and, in the afternoon we went to a local beach for a swim to cool
down. I was practicing my unique form of doggie breast paddle
stroke when I felt a vague twinge in my right shoulder. "Nothing to
worry about," I thought, "I'm just not used to swimming."

Monday came and I felt the twinge again, a little stronger now, and
by Wednesday I was doing anything I could to avoid using or jarring
my right arm at all. During the night the pain started to increase,
to the point where I couldn't lay on my side at all, and getting off
my back produced awful stabbing pains in my limb.

Thursday was to be the first of my '9 day fortnight' days off. The
day when I was to have 'me' time. Well, the me time consisted of
moping around the house feeling sorry for myself till 2pm, which was
the earliest appointment at the physio.

During the appointment I did all the usual movements to show my
dexterity, or lack of it: arms up, sideways, roll the head etc,
followed by a shoulder massage and a spot of ultrasound. $40 please.

Back at work on Friday in constant pain and sleep at night becoming
more than dificult. So Tired. On Saturday, by the time I had
driven the library and completed the weekly shop I was in absolute
agony. I started popping the Voltarin but they didn't appear to
make much difference. Two pills at first then wait eight hours
before another pill. The pain did eventually abate briefly, but
within four hours it was back again with a vengance and me unable to
take any more pills for hours.

We went to the movies on Saturday night to see the True Grit
remake. I enjoyed it but was constantly aware of my incapacity. By
the time I went to bed I was in tears as I was unable to undress
myself or even move without excrutiating pain wracking my arm.
Brent, bless him, was really patient, made all the right noises and
helped me and gave me a massage, although it was hard for me to lay
on my tummy. I had to leave my arm over the edge of the bed. I
took another pill and eventually got to sleep but the next few days
were an absolute nightmare.

Luckily Hugh was prepared to drive me to work and pick me up, so,
although I couldn't do much when I got there, I did put in an
appearance. By this time I was upping the Voltaren doses. I didn't
care if I got stomach ulcers, just take the arm pain away, we'll
deal with the after effects later.

My next appointment was on Monday and the physio seemed quite
worried when I related the events since my last appointment. This
time he concentrated on my neck, which didn't even hurt. $30 please.

Back to the physio again this morning and please to be able to
report that, lo and behold, it seems to have begun to have done the
trick. The awful stabbing pain seems to have given way to more of
an ache and I have far more movement. $30 please.

For the first time in days I was actually able to do up my own seat
belt, and I may even try to drive myself to work tomorrow. It is
still far from healed, and I have another appointment on Friday,
plus I need to make an appointment for a full ultrasound (apparently
free - yippee), but I feel so much better in myself. I just need to
remember to do my exercises as I do not want to get a frozen
shoulder, which is apparently quite common in 'people of my age',
God I hate that phrase.

I am glad I am going to the physio as I know they will do their best
to get me better as soon as possible, whereas the doctor usually
just prescribes a pill. And although I mention it I do not begrudge
paying for the visits, after all its my body and its up to me to
keep it going for a few years yet.