worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2011-02-15 02:27:34 (UTC)

Week Eight

Monday AM:
Use tweezers to slowly yank out 10 pubic hairs. Make yourself a PB&J sandwich to bring to work for lunch today. Before you put the bread together, put the 10 pubic hairs inside the sandwich. Your filthy hair will give you some extra protein today. Make sure that when you eat lunch today, you eat in the cafeteria with your co-workers. I want all of them to watch you eat your PB&J with pubic hair sandwich. Monday PM:I hope you enjoyed your special lunch today, because you are going to get more for dinner. Make yourself a bowl of macaroni and cheese for dinner. While it’s cooking, get your tweezers and slowly yank out another 20 pubic hairs. Make sure to yank some of them from the innermost part of your pussy and back near your ass. Then mix them in with the mac ‘n cheese. Eat the entire bowl. Lick it clean to make sure you eat every single disgusting hair. Tonight sleep with your right wrist cuffed to your left ankle.

The good news is you get to cum today. The bad news is you have to do it in public. Wear pants to work today, but no panties. Drive to work. When you park your car, the fun begins. Stay seated in your car and reach your hand down into your pants. Then start fingering your clit, right there parked on a public street where everyone who walks by can see you. You may not get out of the car until you actually cum, so don’t take too long or you’ll be late for work. You may lick your fingers clean afterwards so you don’t smell too much like cunt when you walk into your office. After the drive home you will do the same thing. Seated in your car parked in your parking lot for all your neighbors to see you will reach into your pants and finger yourself until to cum. While you’re doing it, think about all the people who can see you. Do you think they know what you’re doing? Do you think they know what a slut you are? Do you think they know how much you get off on your own humiliation? What would you say if someone walks right up to your car and knocks on the window? You’ll be doing this again when the weather gets warmer, with all the windows down.

Wednesday AM:
Since you got to pleasure yourself with your filthy cunt yesterday, you get to punish yourself with it today. You will wear a very tight crotch-rope under your clothes to work today. Tie it tight around your waist and run it between your ass cheeks and pussy lips. Use the coarse rope so it will irritate your tender pussy and make sure it is tight enough to hurt a lot. Wednesday PM:You can remove the crotch-rope, but keep it handy because you’ll be putting it back on before you go to bed. Now it’s time to punish that fat stomach of yours. You’ve heard of a red-belly, right? Lie naked and flat on your back. Then use your palm to slap your fat stomach hard. Then do it again. Slap your stomach a full 50 times. It should be bright red and in a lot of pain by the time you’re done. Take a picture of it and send it to me. If it’s not bright enough, you’ll be doing it all over again. Tie your crotch-rope back on, extra tight, before you go to sleep. Send me a picture of that too so I know it’s tight enough. Wear it until morning.

Thursday AM:
Eat a good breakfast, because you won’t be eating lunch. Bring your large butt plug with you to work today. Carry it in your purse. During your lunch break, you will close the door to your office, sit at your desk, and suck on your butt plug. Shove it all the way in your mouth like a big, fat cock. You must keep it in your mouth for the entire lunch hour. If you’re lucky, no one will walk in on you. If you’re unlucky, that’s your problem. After your butt plug lunch, insert the plug into your fat ass. Do not go to the bathroom to do it; do it right there in your office.Thursday PM: Remove the butt plug, wash it off, and shove it back in your mouth. Suck on it all night long. Think about how you are sucking on something that spent the past several hours in your filthy ass. You may not eat dinner tonight. You may remove the plug once an hour to drink a tall glass of juice, milk, or soda – no water. No food either, just the drinks. You will insert the plug back into your ass before you go to bed. You may not pee before going to sleep. No matter how badly you have to go, you must hold it.

Friday AM:
How’s your bladder? Take a pair of jeans and cotton shirt and lay them in your bathtub. Squat over the tub and pee onto your clothes. Leave them soaking in the tub when you go to work today. Drink at least 4 bottles of juice or soda throughout the day. You may not pee while at work, you must hold it. Friday PM:No showering today. Squat over the tub and pee onto your clothes again. Do so again before you go to bed tonight. Also before you go to bed you must insert new batteries into your vibrating egg. Secure the egg tight against your clit by wearing a tight pair of panties to hold it in place. Secure the panties tight against your skin with duct tape. Right before you go to bed, turn the vibrating egg onto the medium setting. Leave it on all night. I don’t care if you cum or sleep. Leave it vibrating all night. If you are lucky, the batteries will run out. If you aren’t, your filthy clit should be unbelievably sore by morning.

How’s your clit? Remember this painful throbbing next time you are begging to be allowed to cum. You have some errands to run today. I’m sure you’ve already guess what you’ll be wearing. That’s right, dress in your piss-covered clothes. They should be smelling pretty rank by now. Let’s share your lovely scent with as many people as possible. You may not shower, again; you may not brush your teeth; you may not wear any underwear; you may not wear any deodorant or makeup. In your filthy and smelly state you will do the following things today:
1. Go the bank, not the drive-thru, and withdraw $5 in cash.
2. Go to the post office and buy one stamp.
3. Go the produce market and buy one banana and one large cucumber.
4. Go to the pet store and buy a large, butch, dog collar.
5. Go to pharmacy and buy the biggest bottle of personal lubricant they have.
6. Go the mall and walk around for one hour.
7. Go to the food court and eat a big lunch.
8. Go into each of the department stores and buy one pair of granny panties from each store.
9. Go to the movies. Sit in the most crowded section of the theater. During the movie, think about all the people there. Think about all the people you came into contact with today. Think about how disgusting you look and smell. Think about what all those people must think about you. Reach into your pants and finger yourself during the last half of the movie. Finger your still sore clit as you bask in your humiliation.
10. Go home. Tie your smelly clothes into a trash bag and put the bag in your closet for future use. You may not shower before going to bed.

Quickly shower and attend to all your hygienic needs. Use your hairbrush and spank your ass 50 times on each cheek, hard. Then use your hand to give yourself another bright red belly. Next dress in a mini skirt, halter-top, 2 different colored high heels, and dark sluttish makeup. Now get your fat ass over here. Bring each of your purchases from yesterday. Wear the dog collar and suck on the cucumber like a cock as you drive over. When you get here, do not knock or ring the bell. Just stand in front of my door with your collar on and the cucumber still sticking out of your whore mouth. Keep your hands down by your sides and face forward. Stay there without moving until I feel like letting you in.