The Flowing Fire
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2011-02-14 14:39:32 (UTC)


Life never came up with a mouse and keyboard. Though this statement
seems very obvious, i have notced that people take it the other way round.

They think they are in control from the beginning. Not true.
U have to work hard in order to control life. What will it do???

We are all different in ourselves. I hear a lot of phychologists,
orators n councilors say that. We hear it and belive it.. why???
because it is true. But know what, this is the biggest similarity
between all of us. That we are different. That why this is not the
reason to think that u will be successful.
In order to be successful, u need to get out of this ultimate
similarity. Seems a loophole isn't it?? yes.. that a loop, n u need to
find ur ctrl^z to get out of that loop. And as life never came with a
keyboard...??? No option other than finding one for yourself, or
making one, whatever need to be done u do it, or else be stuck in the
ultimate reality that all are different and be similar to all

Once u move out of this loop, u ll have a chance of making an identity
for urself.

Be different, ok. Just dont be too different from those who succeded :)