trading bad dreams for great nightmares
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2011-02-14 12:02:18 (UTC)

back here

havent wrote in a while now. lots has changed in the course of a week.
just came back from reno..did pretty dam good. turned forty into two
hundred. cant ask for much more than that. espically when you're not a
gambler. well ive changed my thinking to positive thoughts. and even
listened to a sermon my roommate had. preacher dude was kinda dope.
made me feel better bout things, put some stuff into perspective.
things are way better than a few days. lord has been giving numerous
blessings, but i was so caught up in the grand scheme of things that i
could not see the little things that were being placed right in front
of my face. right now i cant complain and i see the light at the end
of the tunnel so im feeling very optimistic right is good
and will only get better.

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