lovely thoughts!!!
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2011-02-14 04:20:11 (UTC)

His b-day on valentine

ok so 2morrow is valentine day and Dominique birthday is ON valentine day where not
talking but still do I say something to him or do I just let him be. I want to be nice and
say happy birthday but I don't want him to blow me off and try to play me in front of
my friends and be like why is this girl talking to me cuz he will do it. as of Rit now ima
let him be.if he don't want to talk to me fine it his lose cuz for one no one no who he
was till I started going out wit him I made him gave him a name in school with out me
he is just another student in the school. all I hav to say is he better not get mad not
once when I hav a boyfriend! I'm trying to be nice but it's hard wit him.

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