lovely thoughts!!!
2011-02-12 00:30:54 (UTC)

can some one help

I went out wit a boy named dominique we went out fro 1 month till I had to break up
wit him. my mom told me I didn't need a boyfriend and I should stay focued on school.
I new if I told him to his face I would break down so I wort a letter saying wat
happiend. after that we were still friends but ppl in the school started a flunked saying I
really broke up wit him for someone else which is not true. I tried to explain but he not
listen. and that was just one of the stories. he clams I tell his best friend ever thing but
that's not true. I want to clear screening up wit him but now he not talking to me. he
won't even look at me I feel really bad. I no that if I could just get himto listen he'll
understand! what should I do cuz I have no clue how to go about dis . I tried to talk to
him on facebook but that didn't work I tryed asking his friends to talk to him and he
just said he didn't want to talk about it. we haven talked in a month and I really hav
feeling for him wat should I do?????

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