Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-11 02:22:50 (UTC)


Wow. Sooooo yestorday preaty much sucked:( Moms birthday being
Sunday kinda hit me, so insted of going to youth group i called
Ginger and we went and had Hot choclate at McDonaleds and talked
things over. It was nice not to have to fake a smile for a little

But, today was better... Adam Zebert asked me to prom this morning
in band class...I was shocked but really exited...and nervous! Its
supsose to be Jr. Sr.s only endless asked by an upper classman. Im
gonna be one of the few Freashman that get to go...

Also, Nate asked me to the Axtell prom. Now thats a diffemt story,
because dad and matt would NEVER let me go to axtel with a sr. never
in a million years would they let me do that. so i had to turn him
down gently. Hope this doesnt effect our friendship.........

Anyhow, this weekend/next Im going dress shoping with Matt, Colby,
and Ginger. Matts calling to get me a hair oppt. for the day of.
and Colbys gonna find me some where to get my nails done the day
before. Adams gonna tech me how to dance on the weekends, and
Gingers gonna take a million and take pitchers of it so i dont ever
forget it! lol

Wish me luck!(:

( i didnt think id move on from Randy this fast.....not sure how i
feel about that...do i miss him? yes....do i love him? hell
yes....would i take him back? Doutful.... weird..)