My thoughts about life
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2011-02-10 05:45:53 (UTC)

New Perspective on my life

This year will be a new me. I have been through a lot. And most of it
regarding my life. I learned the most valuable lesson. Do not trust
anyone but yourself. Even your best friend can hurt your feelings.I
used to depend on my friends, and I always think about their feeling
first. Sometimes, I I just buried my feelings because I don't want to
start a fight. I guess that happens when you put a high expectation
from others. In the end, I get hurt by it. I don't hate my friend, but
I just don't want to get too personal and be as 'fun' as before.
Because I don't want to get hurt anymore. I rather stay with myself
than talking to you.Because everything you say is not helping me. I
know you mean well, but I know it myself. I've been used to people all
the time. I thought I was being kind, but i was wrong. I have to MOVE
ON. Things happened for a reason.

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