My Diary!
2011-02-09 17:10:24 (UTC)

My Day

My day was so boring! Work work work at school. Boring lessons
boring teachers boring everything. SO GLAD IM HOME! Get to chill out
watching TV or playing Skate 3 on my x-xbox.

This boy Edward Everson gets on my nerves in Geography class! He sits
next to me and says "Do you believe in heaven and hell?" LIKE I WANT
TO KNOW OR EVEN BELIEVE IN THAT! He is a proper nerd and me and Jeremy
Cook call him a pig. He lives on a pig farm. I AM taking the mick out
of him, but would you rather like to sit there and be asked really
weird questions like the one he asked me today? I know what I would
choose. He has ears that stick out SO far he looks like he's had them

My cats Toby (the fat one) and Proody (The skinny-but-really-cute one)
saw a ginger cat and black and white cat come into the garden today.
They went mental! Well at least Proody did. She ran up the garden and
jumped on the fence and the ginger fell off into our next door
neightbours water butt. So funny! Well done Proody! As for Toby, he
sat on the lower fence and watched Proody run up the garden to chase
off the cats. Stupid, thick and lazy cat...

Im off to watch the movie Bruno. Funny Film...:)