Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-09 03:38:23 (UTC)

Tomorrow is one day too late

Its over. Mom is over. Randy is over. Last year is over. Its all
over. Im never gonna see mom again. Im never gonna date Randy again.
I cant relive last year no matter how much i want to, because its
over. And you know what? Im finally O.K. with it(:

Yes, i just said im ok with it!
No really, i am!
Im not jokeing!
I finally learned that things happen for a reason. Im not gonna
fight it! Mom, Randy will always be a part of my life. But in the
past. Theres a reason there not supsose to be in my futcher. And im
finnaly ok with it. Gosh, i feel so much better now....Im not sure
what made me realise that everything will be ok, but im glad i did.

Anyways.... Went to Axtell with Tiny today. Chilled in the garge
most of the afternoon. Not a lot happend. Some of Nate friends came
by, and Nate opened his big month about my GMC so Thurs. I gotta
bring in over and prove i own it! lol

Other than that not a lot happened.

Oh i know!
I learned another thing....
Sometimes, you gotta live for today, because tomorrow could be one
day too late. <3