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It's a tale to tell
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2011-02-08 16:31:10 (UTC)

Winter morning

I took time from my day to actually sit and read all of these entries. It makes me truly
sad to see the person I was when I was writing them. 19 years old and I should have
known better, should have known that the situation I was putting myself in was a
dangerous road. It's even more sad to see that I had to vent the abuse and my
apparent unhappiness on a website to names I do not know and faces i would never
see. Where were my friends? Why didn't I talk to them? If you know anything about
abusive relationships then you could probably guess why I chose the great world wide
web to burden my shameful relationship status. It's sad to see that I thought I was
happy. I can hold my head up high today and proudly say that relationship is now null
and void. I am happy as a single 21 year old woman now living in my own house with
a dear friend from high school and I surround myself with wonderful friends, people I
did not know when stumbling my way through that dark part of my life. I can honestly
say I am happier with life than I have ever been. Not to say I do not struggle from time
to time. We all do. But the difference is I now have a wonderful family of friends to fall
back on when times get hard. I would also like to say I'm beginning work on my first
novel. First novels usually aren't all that great so don't hold your breath hoping for a
masterpiece because I'm definitely not. I just hope that it gets me the jump start I need
to continue writing and go full steam ahead into life. After experiencing the things I
went through for 2 years with tanner I can say that I feel prepared for whatever life
throws my way. 
By the way it is the big 10:23am here where I reside. The sun is up it's almost too cold
but the sky is breathtakingly beautiful and has served as a wonderful inspiration to my
high spirits. I hope all is well with the rest of the world as it seemingly rests so quietly
outside my bedroom window.