trading bad dreams for great nightmares
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2011-02-07 11:47:54 (UTC)

almost tucker max

one of my roommates has been feeling all sad n what not bout familiy
stuff so to cheer him up me and a few of the guys take him out to have
some fun. so we went to a lounge type spot and we walk in and its
hardly anyone there, so i make a b line for the bar. because if this
place is gonna be fun alcohol is gonna have to play a role. so we
order some ciroc n some shit. after looking around for a while a girl
one of my boys knew came in and she had a friend with her who was
celebrating her birthday. after some small talk with the birthday girl
i take her to the dance floor and we start dancing. now i was about 4
drinks in at this point so im feeling real good, and when i drink my
brain mouth barrier doesnt always work properly. so i start telling
the birhtday girl how she needs some birthday sex, and how she needs
if from me or its gonna be her worse birthday of her life. she just
laughs and keeps dancing. guess she thought i was kidding. we keep
dancing and while doing so i notice he skirt coming up so me being the
gentleman i am i pulled it down and kept dancing with her. skirt keeps
coming up so after a while of pulling her skirt down for her i simply
place my hand on her pussy..waiting for an immediate reaction of
slapping my hand away never came. i started rubbing on her clit right
there on the dance floor. fuck it i was tipsy she was feeling good so
oh well. went from rubbing to full fingering on the dance floor. and
this girl was into it on the dancefloor, she was moaning in my ear and
kissing on the neck. so i go back to the sex topic and she receptive.
she doesnt wanna leave her friend to go to my house so first thing
that pops into my head is "what would tucker max do?" lol. first thing
that comes to my head is going to the bathroom. i mean hey its cheap
bathroom birthday sex. no biggie. so after some convincing i keep an
eye on her friend as we make out way to the bathroom. cant afford to
have her cock blocking ya boy. as we walked past the friend whos being
entertained by my friend we are literally like ten steps from the
bathroom when a guy walks out of the restroom and starts talkin to
this chick i got. im like fuck another roadblock. so they talk for a
while and dude looks at me like i stole his favorite toy. comes to
find out that this dude is the brother of the chick im about to bang
in the bathroom. now shes like "im embarrassed, i cant go in there
now" fuckin missed oppurtunity that was ripe for the taking. i was so
disappointed i couldnt close the deal. oh well. worse part is i was so
drunk i didnt even as the chick for her number. hopefully her friend
will shoot it to me when i see her again...