trading bad dreams for great nightmares
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2011-02-07 10:53:15 (UTC)

simply amazing

the title describes it all. yea it surly does. im referring to the
oralation i received today. felt so good im pretty sure it lasted bout
5 mins only. and i wanted to switch to intercourse before i was done,
but the threshold was cross and it was no going back. probably been
having some of the best sex of my life these days. i think i finally
got all my techniques down. its taken many yrs to master these. and i
will continue to hone and acquire new skills as the days grow long. it
never fails that i make her end up ruining a sheet or blanket which
normally needs to be taken to the washhouse. i love to suck on her
clitoris til she cums,and on a good day squirts. we havent mastered
that yet but i dont doubt we will. i fuck her like i just got out of
jail, and she fucks like the dick is the greatest invention since the
trapper keeper. typical night she doesnt let me sleep until we have
had at least three rounds of sex. and i dont mind pouring with sweat
and she doesnt mind it dripping all over her when im on top. def hard
work at times, but her cumming countless number of times makes it all
worth it. i love how its always very very very wet, never a dry moment
with her. besides the sex tho i have lots of things i wish i could
change bout her. nothing to life altering but def some things i wish
she would have and would do different. dont really wanna go into
those. but maybe later, another time n place.