Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-07 02:59:12 (UTC)

Updated People

Shai- Best friend

Jon Spangler- REally good friend/ ex

Jon Stroh- Stalker/ Good friend

Beka- Good friend...most days.

Ashley- Best friend #2

Chy- good friend

Lexi- good friend

Brittney- good friend

Matt- brother

Mom- dead.

Dad- good dad, but has a whore gf, and works way too much


Juily- dads whore gf

Nick- Perv

Shelley- Best cousin ever!

Mitch- brother(not really)

Nate- good friend

Stazia- fucking bitch who said shit about my mom, and flirts with my
ex. NEEDs TO DIE!!!!!!!!

Ginger- Second mom

Scott- second dad

Ed- Brother ( not really)

Colby- soon to be sister in law.