Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-07 02:52:28 (UTC)

Freaking amazing day!!!

Mitch is back. So we went to hang out today. He picked me up and we
went to his friends garge in Axtell. (Nates) I meet all his buddies,
Nate, Tayor, TJ, Tiny( i already knew) and a few other ppl. They
worked for a while goofed off for a while, Mitch and me wresled,
Nate and i wreasled, TJ kicked my ass, and i kicked Taylors ass.
Learned what RPMs are, and how to change a tire, and even what
Mitch's tickelish spot is...haha... anyways, it was great to be
around a buch of ppl who are living life free and easy. Sure there
lives are way harder then that. Mitch is going to the National
Gaurd, Nates mom is in the hopsitial, Tjs got shity parents, the
list goes on and on. But that didnt stop any of them, from blasting
the radio. Even after Mitch leaves, they promised to still hang out
with me. Their ecact words were " By the time we are doing with ya,
ull be able to build a car outta nothing, kick ass in a durby, and
learn who to really throw a punch." haha, glad i made some new
freinds. Not that i dont like my others, but these are diferent, i
can tell.....