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The Book of my Secrets
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2011-02-06 03:16:27 (UTC)

About Me/ Characters

Hi, you may be thinking this is alittle late but I will do it any way.

I am the youngest of five children, and my parents are divorced
and my Dad is remarried. If you already haven't got it I live with my
mom and this dude who rents half my house.

Oldest To Youngest.

Anne -> was a model/ promoter now getting married to a famousish snow
boarder who im not going to name for purposes :)

Heather -> mother of my nephew

William-Henrey -> handy-capped forced to wheel chair all of life

Eva-Jane -> living at colledge twins with William-Henrey not in wheel
chair ( not handy-capped for lack of better words)

and six years after William and Eva were born here is me! eight years
between Heather and I then eleven between Anne and I.

People: In here little to no description

Lee, Kyla, Rose<-> Lea twins, Ginny(no she is not a read head and
poseses magical powers:)) Thomas, Marc, the dude who rents my house,
my mom, my nephew, Alex, Emma<- next door nieghbor
and if there is more I will add to it! Thanks for reading!