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The Book of my Secrets
2011-02-06 02:57:55 (UTC)

New Years 2010

This Entery Happened: January 18th 2010

Happy New Years as people say is toatally not how my life is
right now. As ususal we did abosolutley nothing for New Years.
Boring! That day I "oficially" found out that my sister Heather was
pregnant, I basically took a secret oath or vow that was so secret I
didn't even know about it. My family thought if they told me I would
tell other people. And news travels fast in my family. That day on i
decided not to tell people and still haven't. Lee and my toatally
awesome friend Rose <-:) only knew because my mom told her or they
over heard things and were smart enough to figure it out. I am so
over Heather having a baby now. I already declared myself favorite
aunt. According to ultra- sound pictures it's going to be a little
boy. He should be born soon. Which is not a bad part.
In this town I call home there are not many jobs. My mom just
lost her job today and it sucks. We were never a rich family and now.
I don't know how this is going to work. Hopefully she gets a job soon.
Now that Lee and I are good friends again I actually care about
what's going on her life. She has a boyfriend, Thomas and he is so
not right for her. I might be biased because I might possibly like
him but no! She didn't ask me my opinion. For two weeks my sister Eva-
Jane, my Dad and my step-mom went on a vacation right before
Christmas. When I get home I decide to call Lee. She's all excited to
talk to me and she tells me she wants to tell me something but she
wants to see my reaction. That bugs me! So fot the next few nights
Lee and I still haven't seen eachother yet. Just as I was going to
bed I figured it out, maybe. Some how I knew she was going out with
Thomas. I called her up the next morining and asked her if I got it
right. Hahaha twice in a row! First Heather pregnant and now Lee and
Thomas. Wow! What a way to start the year!