my friend ANA
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2011-02-04 02:45:31 (UTC)

dont know if i can do this

So I talked to the treatment center again today and I don't know if I can do it or not...
I thought I had a couple weeks but after talking to them today I think its gonna be a
lot sooner than that. I'm not sure about this. I ate a cheese stick tonight and I feel
like I'm going to be sick... went to the grocery store with my friend and about had an
anxiety attack looking at all that food... I'm not sure I'm ready for treatment. I
already told my mom I would go... how do I get out of it now? I am just not ready.
I'm not thin enough yet. I weighted myself at Walmart and I thought for sure I lost
more than that. Wtf.... why am I not losing more... it was that fucking 2 bites of that
english muffu.... that's it no more food

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