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2011-02-03 21:49:56 (UTC)

My Mom Is really bad At Giving Clues

This Entery Happened: June 28th 2009

My mom is real bad at giving clues or hints. I don't know what
its like at your house but my siblings and I are really close
although we are spread out in such a way that there are hours between
us. My Mom and her "beau" (she's divorced and like practicaly married
to this guy, but thats a different story) were talking about my
second oldest sister, Heather. Since there was quite an age
difference between my siblings and I she was like my mother, when my
real mom wasn't there for me, and like my mother anyway. ( Next
entery I will tell you about myself.) As i grew up I became he "pet"
if you know what I mean. So I asked what they were talking about and
if Heather was alright. This is where mom's bad clues come in. Her
almost exact word were " Nothing is wrong with Heather. No." (she has
a tendency of repeating herself for "dramatic effect". It drives me
crazy!" Something wonderful is happening to her." And if you knew my
mother you would know (like I did) at that moment that my sister
Heather was pregnant. At that moment I was trying to find all other
options but only that would make sense. I wasn't sure why they
wouldn't tell me. I was sort of hurt. I was excited to have a new
litle niece or nephew in how ever many months she had left. And if
you are the kind of person who thinks of what you are thinking, she
did not start to show as much and plus she wears baggy clothing alot
so I didn't notice. From there on I acted like I didn't know any
thing. Until she called one night. She said she had to tell me but I
had to guess or she wasn't going to tell me. So I guessed stupid
things like her winning the lottery or her moving away. Obviously
those weren't correct so I finally gave up and asked if she was
pregant. And you get the picture. So after my mom heard I knew she
saw how I actually felt. I felt horrible like when the how the oldest
child feels when there parents have a new baby. I don't know why I
did but I did.
So months ago I became friends with Lee again and we acted like
nothing happened. One week I went over to her house and her mom was
talking about it. It wasn't that aquward because I like her parents
and they like me. Always I asked if she still liked Alex, Lee said
not as much any more. Then I asked her why she didn't hang out with
me and just decided to be my friend again. He almost exact words "
Alex was (or is) addicting. Back then I think I was just too caught
up in it all so I didn't realize how wierd that sounds. Then I
think "Am I not fun to hang out with?" I kind of let that go. I still
think I went back to her to soon.