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2011-02-03 19:29:54 (UTC)

A poor excuse

I hope I can get into a routine soon as these early mornings are
making me very tired. However, it will be nice to have a day off
next week.

No Scott yesterday but I was busy on and off. Tomorrow will be
the crazy day I think.

Sue asked if I wanted to do a cake decorating course in town but
it is quite expensive and later I talked to Brent who is now really
keen to get a GPS after driving round in circles for some time in
town today.

The Australian cookery book Sabayan turned up today from Book
Depository, and in good condition too. Not sure I will make many of
the items but it will be an interesting read about Iran, even though
it will be through rose tinted glasses.

I still haven't posted on the holiday home page. I must do this soon,
however, I haven't received the cheque either.

I have recently got into the habit of going along with Brent to his
7 a side football matches. It gives me a chance to meet up with
some of the other wives as I am trying to become more social.
However, as Hugh is with us I was in a quandry. I would want to
talk to the girls and he does not talk unless spoken to and then is
unable to carry on a conversation. We also tend to have a couple of
drinks afterwards and I knew it would be very difficult with Hugh
there as he does not drink, he just stares into the distance and it
makes me uncomfortable.

I did have a bit of a headache but I played on it and in the end I
stayed at home and Brent went and took Hugh with him. He was not
best pleased, especially as it mean not staying for long after the
match but returning home.

To make amends I was going to make pear and raspberry bread. I got
all the dry ingredients out of the cupboard only to find that there
were no eggs. So that put paid to that. In the end I roasted some
vegetables and cooked the sausages on the bbq which seemed to go
down well.

I went to bed fairly early as there was nothing on TV and we were
doing nothing else. I was listening to a tape - Into the Darkness
by Ian Rankin when India came home. I haven't seen here for a few
days - since she got home from Wellington on Monday so it was good
to have a few minutes catch up. I am pleased she is back at judo
but not so happy that she has started leaving her stuff around the
family room again. They have been to see a few houses and are going
to put in some application forms. It will be sad to see her go but
it is definitely time she spread her wings. She has seen a house
she fancies just up the road but Ollie thinks it is too close to us.
He is concerned Brent and I will be over there all the time.
India pointed out that we are not like his parents!

Tonight I am going to a Hen's night. First one ever. I need to get
something Scottish but not sure what and have no time. Bugger.