2011-02-02 22:42:50 (UTC)

Heart-broken Over McDreamy

Unless I hit a strike of good luck, I think it was my last day
seeing McDreamy. I had all these plans of making the last day
count, and nothing! Queens was teasing McDreamy about being too
lavishing towards me, and I think it got to him. I would say he was
almost standoffish by the end of the day.

He didn't even say bye :'(

Why am I so bothered by the fact that I won't get to see McDreamy
anymore!? I felt so empty leaving for the day...
It's strange. I'm trying to remember if I ever felt this strongly
about a crush. I don't think I have. I was always so excited to
see him on a weekly basis, and now that I won't, I am torn.

This makes me question myself as a wife. I feel a tinge of
resentment towards the hubs. I have to accomodate him now; leave my
family, friends, hometown. I have to include him in my plans. I
have to give up the dating game (ahem, McDreamy) when I feel I
didn't even get started.

I know I'm being unreasonable.
I'm not stupid- I know this is all part of marriage. It's just that
it's all hitting me right now. I had to let a VERY ELIGIBLE
bachelor slip through my fingers, and it made me question, "What
if?" I hope this stupid question doesn't haunt me the rest of my
life. It's going to end up costing my marriage. Now THAT would be

Note to self: You have a great husband. Make it work.