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2011-02-03 01:04:16 (UTC)

Can I Feel Any Worse?

This Entery Happened : Feburary 5th 2009

I use my group of friends as my safety net as I fall. Just when
I thought I couldn't feel any worse about losing my best friend I
did. This week Lee started to hang out with me again. I felt like I
could trust her again and that maybe she didn't say those things.
Then while Lee and I were hanging out around school with some other
friends Marc, Alex's boyfriend and Lee's ex-boyfreind that Lee was
just pretending to be my friend again. I normaly wouldn't have
believed him but he said it in Lee's presence and she never denided
it. Ironicaly when we exchanged gifts those few months ago she on the
bottom of my gift wrote Lee and Charlotte Best friends forever. I
think I may have gone back to her to easily.