Letters to Nancy
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2011-02-02 22:20:27 (UTC)

Well that sucks

Mitch desided to go into the millitary. I have always seen has
a "hero" so i think it will be a good idea. But, im gonna miss
hanging around with him. The millitary messed Mike up big time, and
i really hope that doesnt happen to mitch. His to nice of guy.....
Ginger is deffently not ok with this....like at all. Hope she does
ok. More and more lattly ive been thinking about going into the
millitary. Those are the guys i look up to more then anything. And
with some work, i could be good at it. Jon Spanger made up his mind
to, go into it too. Really hope they wil be safe.

Gotta go to the doctor, for headaches again. They wont give me
anymore meds, cause they think im "Additcted" to them. which i
proubnly am! lol.

Dad still sick. He really needs to get better. I worrie to much
about him. His gf has been around alot too. Its annouing. I wish
shed just leave him alone

Youth tonight. Ginger wont be there because of her stupid migrains

Hmmm.. what else.....OH YEAH
Nope, i lost it....