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The Book of my Secrets
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2011-02-02 16:44:43 (UTC)

The Begining of This Diary

~~~Note~~~ I am writing this from actual events that happenened in my
life and have written in my real diary. Please Enjoy.

This Entery Happened:January 20th 2009

This year has not been good for me, and it just started! My Best
Friend and I have not been as close lately. Being in a split class
doesn't help. Lee, my best friend, has been hanging out with a girl I
don't like, Alex. I really just think she's a little desperate.
Anyway I don't hang out with them much because I don't like being in
the presence of her. So I hang out with my other friends but I don't
feel the same without Lee. Lee is acting like I don't exsist.
Everyday phone calls became silence in my life. She acts like she
doesn't care, which I'm beging to think is true. I told my mom and
she was no help and said I should ignore them which I've already been
trying to do. Now sometimes I hear from my friend Kyla that Lee and
Alex saying stuff behind my back like how they want to biotch slap
me. Which I think is kind of harsh.

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